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If you are considering a gazebo to enhance the use of your backyard space, you may be surprised at just how uncomplicated and affordable the project can be
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How To Create Your Own Stunning, Customized And Hand-Crafted Gazebo, On A Budget

(HIT) - Gazebos, today’s most popular outdoor garden structures, became a kind of status symbol around the mid 1930’s, and the "quiet place to retreat from household chaos," has gained momentum in all the years since. If you are considering a gazebo to enhance the use of your backyard space, you may be surprised at just how uncomplicated and affordable the project can be.

Elongated Hexagon Belle Gazebo
This elegant 12' x 20' Vinyl Elongated Hexagon Belle Gazebo (with optional Cedar Shingles) is available online in a full range of sizes and materials.
With a complete variety of sizes and materials available for viewing online, you can begin to consider some of the basics that make these structures desirable.

How do I know if a gazebos is allowed in my neighborhood? Who will build it? Do I need a building permit? If I buy a pre-assembled structure how will I get it home or onto the location I have chosen? What is the life of a gazebo? Will it add to my property value? Much to think about before you actually begin to select the kind of shingles. has made the task less daunting with a comprehensive website that allows you to design your own gazebo.

Planning Your Purchase

Like most major home purchases, cost is a high priority.

First, you will need to define a revenue source for purchasing your gazebo or the materials to build it. Second, you want to be certain you are getting your money’s worth when your plan is ready for action. Finally, you want the purchase of a fun, relaxing addition to be a comfortable non-hassle experience. Planning is how it happens.

Explore your gazebo creation options and related costs, with the Gazebo Wizard, a tool currently available on the website. You can plan every detail and decide how much it will cost while saving for the purchase. provides a personal gallery for your design, where you can identify the basic structure, add and compare various features, and see what the result will look like online. As the Wizard updates and shows the selections of shape, size, material and roof type, it also calculates and shows the price with your selected options, including shipping charges, and can be printed for your convenience.

Choose your own materials, and compare prices and designs online. The most difficult decision may be where to put your new purchase.

Two Delivery Options

Easy-to-assemble packaged kits can ship anywhere, by truck, on a compact pallet with plywood barriers and heavy-duty vinyl boat wrap. Normal lead-time for getting an order ready to ship is 7 days or less. Fully assembled gazebos up to 12' wide can be shipped, and are offered at no additional construction charge. offers a 5 year Gazebo Warranty to the original purchaser, warranting the structure to be free from manufacturing and/or material defects. Satisfaction Guaranteed for 30 days with receipt of purchase.

For additional information or to browse the website and check out design elements, log on to the

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