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Renovate Your Home With Historic Siding Styles

(HIT) - More and more Americans are choosing to improve, remodel or renovate rather than move, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Remodelers Council. This is evidenced by the more than $100 billion dollars spent on home improvements last year. Due in part to our aging housing stock, according to Old House Journal, nearly one-third of that amount was spent on renovating older homes.

One of the best ways to enhance a home’s curb appeal is to renovate the exterior. And with recent advances in exterior building products, it’s easier than ever for homeowners to renovate and older home while retaining historical styles. Replica historic siding, for example, can simulate the craftmanship of bygone eras in an older home, while retaining all of the advantages of modern renovation technology.

Wolverine, one of America’s leading vinyl siding brands, was the first to launch an entire collection of historically inspired sidings and accessories made from modern materials. According to Wolverine, the historic siding styles were developed with the goal of combining the physical advantages of vinyl—low-maintenance, durability and resilience—with the look of classic American siding styles used in many older homes.

Called The Restoration Collection™, these sidings replicate some of the most popular American siding styles from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and have been approved for use in several historic districts throughout the country.

"These historic siding styles are terrific for homeowners who are interested in renovating their older home with historical accuracy and wish to maintain their home’s architectural integrity with minimal expense and maintenance," said Ann Hendrick, product design manager, Wolverine. "It’s great to see vinyl that can work well in historic areas and is sympathetic with the history of the structures," said Michael Crosbie, senior editor, Architecture magazine.

The smooth, matte, low-gloss finish that resembles the look of freshly painted cedar and rich, warm colors make Wolverine’s Restoration sidings a viable alternative to wood. "Another advantage of The Restoration Collection is that homeowners with newer homes, that may be lacking in architectural interest, can recreate many of the features that gave American homes their traditional character and style … by combining siding with historical details and accessories," said Hendrick. "In essence, you can transform your 1970’s two-story into a fabulous 17th century colonial style home."

The historically inspired Dutch Lap, Beaded and Clapboard siding styles trace their roots from 18th century German farmers who settled throughout Pennsylvania, to Southern-landed gentry, to the early colonists who settled the Eastern United States. Wolverine’s Restoration Accessories are reproductions of the trim elements historically used by American home builders. A complete array of historically inspired window and door surrounds, pilasters, mantels, pediments, fluted corner lineals, lattice and accent gable treatments in square, round and octagonal shapes can be intermixed to match or create the historical detail of your home.

For more information about Wolverine historic siding styles, visit the CertainTeed website at

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center

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