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Insulate To Help Lower Utility Bills In Warmer Months

(HIT) - While many think of insulation as helping to reduce utility bills in the winter, adding insulation in the attic in warmer weather can help cut summer energy bills for air conditioning as well.

"By preventing hot air from coming into a home, a house stays cooler inside so the air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard," explains Eric Nilsson, director of marketing with CertainTeed’s Insulation Group. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), if your home has less than 11-12 inches of attic insulation, it probably needs more. If you don’t have time to insulate yourself, call a professional insulation contractor to do it for you. Insulation contractors can be located in the Yellow Pages, through the local Insulation Contractors Association or by calling the National Association of Home Builders Research Center for a list of certified insulation contractors who live nearby. These contractors become certified only when they establish quality systems, train their employees and pass a series of stringent criteria via an audit.

An insulation contractor will check your home’s insulation levels and tell you where and how much insulation you may need to lower energy bills.Then he’ll recommend products such as CertainTeed’s InsulSafe 4 Blown-In Fiber Glass Insulation. It provides high thermal efficiency and is noncombustible and noncorrosive. As it is blown in, this insulation offers total coverage including all nooks and crannies and tight eave areas.

For more information about how you can insulate to lower energy bills, write to The CertainTeed Home Institute, P.O. Box 860, Valley Forge, PA 19482, or call 1-800-782-8777 for the free brohure titled "Tips To Head Off High Cooling Bills." Also, visit us on the Internet at

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