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Decorative Trim Enhances Recessed Downlights

(HIT) - The clean, uncluttered look of recessed downlights makes these decorative lighting fixtures popular for every room of the house. Tucked neatly into ceilings or soffits, recessed downlights brighten living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms and baths. Some fixtures are positioned to provide general illumination while others light up specific work areas.

Stylish trim accessories are also available from Juno lighting to improve the appearance of both new and existing recessed light fixtures.

Juno’s collection of stylish trim styles can be used to enhance the decor of any room in your home. New Accents recessed downlight trim from Juno fits on the rim of a recessed fixture and extends below the ceiling, providing a decorative finishing touch. There are different styles to complement traditional as well as contemporary room settings.

For instance, the Brass Bands model, an artful combination of polished brass with a luminous insert around a white recessed baffle, makes an elegant addition to recessed downlights in a hallway or foyer. You might select the brass-trimmed Luminous Disc to add a contemporary look to recessed downlights in a great room or bedroom. And in the kitchen or dining room, downlights near a painted ceiling moulding can be embellished with a classic white Octagonal trim. Or, you can choose the warm look of oak or the elegance of variegated marble to blend with a family room or den setting. Illuminate a bathroom with the ever-glowing white Luminous Collar.

New Accents trim styles from Juno come in two sizes: the standard 6-inch diameter and a smaller 4-inch version. These can be installed on standard and remodel Juno recessed lighting housings. Add a dimmer switch to create beautiful lighting effects with minimal or full illumination.

For more information about Juno’s recessed downlights or the company’s handsome trim styles, visit the company’s website at

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center

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