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Ceramic Tile With A Natural Stone Look

(HIT) - Dunedrift, Desert Blush, Sunset and Prairie. They might sound like answers to a pop quiz on the great outdoors, but they’re actually color names for stone-like ceramic tiles available from American Olean, a leading ceramic tile manufacturer.

These earthy, natural, stone look-alike tiles are timeless in design and classic in their appeal. c

The popular, natural stone look of this type of ceramic tile is ideal for creating a rich, warm feel in any area of your home. And decorative border tiles are available to help you create a custom look that’s all your own, whether you use the tiles on a floor, wall, tub surround, in kitchens, foyers or bathrooms. Some homeowners even use natural looking stone-like ceramic tiles to frame windows inside the home.

American Olean’s Sandscapes™ line of stone look ceramic tiles is available in five natural colors with coordinating accents. The company’s Antiquity™ line of ceramic tile products continues the theme with a hand-crafted, authentic weathered stone appearance. Color variations within each tile—and from one tile to the next—contribute to the authenticity of the tile’s natural stone appearance, along with the products irregular, scalloped edges.

To help homeowners coordinate stone-look floors and walls, American Olean offers the Overtures™ and Traviata™ ceramic tile products. Both ceramic tile lines are available in an ensemble that makes decorating easy! You’ll find beautiful 12" x 12" glazed floor tiles, matching 8" x 10" wall tiles, decorated wall tiles and coordinating Tile Accent Strips in each line.

Use Overtures or Traviata Ceramic Tile Accent Strips with undecorated wall tile for subtle colors and designs. Create a tile border, surround a tub, showcase a vanity or even a border a window! For more detail, use the Accent Strips with decorated tile and create bold, expressive designs!

Colorado™, another ceramic tile line with the soft and subtle appearance of rustic stone, coordinates well with American Olean’s Colorado Peaks™ ceramic tiles—a line of 6" x 8" glazed wall tiles. For custom borders and patterns with a southwestern feel, choose the coordinating Accent Strip.

American Olean offers many more natural stone look ceramic tile products. And, as you can see, designing with stone look ceramic tile doesn’t have to be dull or boring! Floor tile manufacturers like American Olean are producing a wide range of exciting tile colors, textures and accents that can be used to create exactly the style and look you’ve always dreamed of having in your home.

To learn more about American Oleans complete line of ceramic tile products for the home, point your web browser to

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