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Tomato Fertilizer Tips: The Easy Way To Grow Bigger, Tastier Tomatoes

Turbo-Mulch tomato fertilizer grows tastier tomatoes
An all-natural fertilizer called Tomatoes Alive!® Plus contains a blend of fast- and slow-release nutrients that tomato plants need for healthy growth and bountiful harvests. (Photo courtesy of Gardens Alive!®)
(HIT) - If you want to grow tasty tomatoes that are big and beautiful enough to win a blue ribbon at the State Fair, you may need to give Mother Nature a little help with the right kink of fertilizer. Fortunately, tomato fertilizers can overcome poor soil, increase yields and provide the support that America's garden planters needs to produce award-winning tomatoes.

Tomato plants have very specific nutritional requirements. They need the right amount of calcium, magnesium and other micronutrients to build cell wall structure and increase plant vigor. A plant food called Tomatoes Alive!® Plus from Gardens Alive!® (513-354-1482, is specifically formulated to give tomato plants the exact nutrients they need. Tomatoes Alive! Plus features a blend of fast-and slow-release all-natural ingredients to provide the nourishment plants require for steady, healthy growth and bountiful crops.

In garden trials, plants grown with Tomatoes Alive! Plus produced 150% more tomatoes by weight than plants grown without any fertilizer. With just two feedings per season, plants produce more blossoms and set more and larger fruit. Tomatoes Alive! Plus also works well on peppers and eggplants, which require similar nutrients.

A one-pound package of Tomatoes Alive! Plus, enough to feed seven plants for an entire growing season, sells for $7.95. A three-pound package sells for $18.95 and the large seven-pound size sells for $34.95.

Give Tomatoes A Little Support

Left to grow naturally, tomato vines will sprawl all over the garden, filling all available space. Staking tomato plants prevents them from crowding out other plants, and lifting the fruits off the ground helps to keep your precious tomatoes from rotting and being eaten by pests.

This year, instead of struggling with stakes and twine to provide support for your tomato plants, use a Tomato Pen Support System to get the job done easily and efficiently. Simply unfold the two square-shaped, galvanized steel cages and set them in the ground around two tomato plants. Each cage provides over 3.5 cubic feet of growing space so there's plenty of room for tomato plants to mature. The Tomato Pen Support System comes with eight connector rails that enable you to create a third growing pen between the two cages.

Each set comes with three plastic growth chamber sleeves to protect plants from cool weather and animal pests. When the tomatoes ripen, it's easy to pick the ripe fruit through the large openings. At the end of the season, clean the rust-resistant system and fold the cages flat for storage.

The Tomato Pen Support System sells for $39.95 from Gardens Alive! (513-354-1482,

Turbocharged Tomatoes

Turbo-Tomato Mulch™ promises to increase garden tomato crops by 12-20 percent. This red plastic mulch warms up the soil, blocks weed growth and retains soil moisture. Most importantly, Turbo-Tomato Mulch reflects the far red portion of the light spectrum up into the heart of the plants. The result is dramatically improved harvests.

At the Gardens Alive! research farm in Indiana, using Turbo-Tomato Mulch increased the production of early tomatoes compared with plants grown with black plastic mulch. Research has shown that certain red rays reflected into a plant affect its phytochromes, the color-sensitive proteins that regulate plant growth and development.

Lay Turbo-Tomato Mulch down over planting rows about two weeks prior to planting time to warm up the soil for tender tomato transplants. Designed to retard the U.V.effects of the sun, Turbo-Tomato Mulch will last two or more seasons if you remove it from the garden after harvest.

A four-foot by 25-foot sheet of Turbo-Tomato Mulch sells for $12.95, a four-foot by 50-foot sheet sells for $15.95, and the four-foot by 100-foot package sells for $29.95.

To order or request a free catalog, contact Gardens Alive!, 5100 Schenley Place,Dept. 141876, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025; phone (513)354-1482, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). Or visit the website at for easy, secure on-line ordering 24 hours a day.

Tomatoes Alive! Plus, Turbo-Tomato Mulch and Gardens Alive! are trademarks of Gardens Alive, Inc.

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center

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